356 Porsche
Air Conditioning

Redesigned and built by 356 WEST. 15 years of installations for 356 Porsche Air Conditioning for T-6 356’s. Now in 2016 we are now offering ALL 356 Porsche models. Pre A, A, B, C. Pictured below , various installations over the years. We started doing 356 Porsche Air Conditioning back in 2001. A client asked us how to win a Concours. We suggested 356 Porsche Air Conditioning would be a welcome addition to our 356 restorations. Uses all modern components made by us. The result, IT BLOWS ICE COLD AS A/C is meant to be, finally! He won the 356 Holiday in 2002. Contact us for more details.  info356WEST@gmail.com

The images below are random shots of 356 Porsche Air Conditioning done over the years.

     Features include:

  • 4 built in ball vents
  • 3 speed fan switch
  • temp control switch
  • rotary compressor
  • 2 condensers with electric fans on each
  • custom evaporator box with cockpit air recycle
  • 12 volt conversion to entire 356, all lights including H4 headlights, starter, etc.
  • optional oil cooler with electric fan

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If you would like to look up more information on this system, look in the 356 Registry , the Jan. 2002 article they wrote about it. Here are copies of it. Enjoy.

AirRegisterArticlepart1   AirRegisterArticlepart2


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