About Us

We are located in Las Vegas , Nevada, USA .

World Wide shipping can be arranged for any of our cars For Sale.

We have been collecting, racing , restoring 356 Porsche and early 911 Porsche for over 37 years now. Over that time we have become experts in all aspects of modifications , 356 restoration , and building custom 356’s. We cater to both markets.

1. “Concours” cars, meaning a 356 restored to factory Kardex specifications. Better then it came from the factory new.

2. “Outlaw“, a 356  personally designed and modified for the customers wants and desires.

Each market being strong over the years. Some like it as it came new, others like them modified to suit their wants. An example. You live in the sunbelt , high temperatures make your 356 less fun to enjoy in the hot summer months. We have you covered. Air conditioning is one of our specialties. For over 15 years now we have designed a superior set up based on the original offering by Delanair for Porsche over 50 years ago. Look in the Porsche 356 Air Conditioning section in the menu above to see more on that.

A long list of improvements can be integrated  into your 356 Porsche. First things first. You need to choose a model, A, B , or C, then we can talk about a motor. We offer simple modifications ranging from 90 to 120 H.P. in 4 cylinder, or 110 to 280 H.P. with our very successful installation of 911 engines with 6 cylinders into 356’s

After a car is chosen and designed  we will quote you a finished price , as well set your build time . From start to finish we record the build with high definition pictures totaling over 200.

We’ve been doing our builds this way for over 37 years .

If you’d like instant gratification we have several ‘ready to go’ 356’s listed in our “Gallery” section.

Let us show you how a fantastic 356 is built. Enjoy our site.

Write us with any questions , we’ll get back to you immediately